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Daphne M. Gulland

Welcome, dear visitors, to my Salt Cross website!


This website is here to help you on your spiritual path.

You can find information about the following important subjects here:


How to heal your Inner Child

How to Forgive others and yourself

Soul Fragment Retrieval

How to clear your emotional and mental bodies

How to activate your Pineal Gland

How to clear entities, implants, curses, etc.

How to connect with your Higher Self

How to connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels

Health Meditations

Ancestral Healing

Mediums and Channellers

Qi Gong

and much more.





    I enjoy writing English Language Teaching books, children’s books and poems. I was educated at Fidelis Grammar School in London and then went on to study English and German at Bedford College, University of London. My parents were the directors of a language school in London, and so I was able to meet children and students from all over the world and observe how they learnt English. I was able to discover their various linguistic problems and explore ways of helping them. It gradually became my life’s purpose to write books that would make it enjoyable and interesting for children and adults to learn English.


   I like doing things differently and so all my books and my Salt Cross website may take you by surprise!


     My books are: The Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms (paperback)

                                English Learning Adventures, (paperback and e-book) - also in German

                                Salt Cross Poems (paperback and e-book)

                                Langenscheidt’s Bildliche Redewendungen – Englisch (paperback)

                                           -  in German, Polish and Czech


                                Amazing Labyrinth (paperback and e-book)

                                The English Cloud Fairies (paperback and e-book)

                                Wallpaper Whizzie's Journey (paperback and e-book)

                                The Boy From Another Dimension (paperback and e-book)   


You may buy them from Amazon.co.uk, from Amazon.de and also from Amazon worldwide, please click on Daphne M. Gulland or Daphne Gulland.


     I would like to thank all the readers in the UK who have bought my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms these last 30 years! Thank you for all the reviews on Amazon.co.uk. I deeply appreciate the time you took to write them. Thanks to you it has been, and still is, at the top of the Amazon Bestsellers Rank under Quotations.


     I would like to thank all the readers in Germany who have bought my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms. You have helped it to be on the Amazon.de bestselling list at number 1, 2 or 3 out of 100 in the Spelling section since the beginning of 2015. It has also been number 1 in the Most Wished For section, and number 1 or 2 in the Most Gifted section for a very long time as well.


     I would also like to thank all the readers in France who have bought my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms and have helped it to be on the bestselling list, near the top, under Spelling on Amazon.fr. 


     Many thanks to all the readers in Japan who have bought my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms. You have helped it to become number 18 on the Amazon.co.jp  bestselling list under Spelling.


     I am deeply grateful to all of you! Thank you!


     Some years ago I became interested in eye training and took a ten-month course to become a certified eye trainer. I then moved on and learnt many spiritual healing methods. After that I became interested in ways to better health. Now I am writing books again to help children learn English in a nice and easy way. My Salt Cross Poems and The Boy From Another Dimension are my latest books and they are available on Amazon worldwide.


     I am writing about all these subjects on this website. I would like to wish you much pleasure reading about them and trust you will find them as interesting as I did.





     As you can see from the logo of this website, it is a salt cross in a bowl of water and the whole logo looks very much like the name of a station on the London Underground.


     And so this logo is like a station, which you have arrived at. If you decide to stay here and leave your train to look around my website, it might well change your life in an exciting and pleasing way.


     If you would like to know how the salt cross appeared, please see below under: Salt Cross.


Please be aware that some sections on this website are still under construction. As time goes by, you shall see a beautiful website with many interesting articles. I hold the copyright for my poems, my articles and for all the photos on this website. I thank you for your understanding.


You are most welcome to surf around my website. Come back and visit it many more times! Enjoy!