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Systematic Eye-Therapy

Reincarnation Therapy

Vision Food



Vitamins for the Eyes

Causes of Eye Problems, Vitamin D3 Deficiency

Chemicals Causing Red Eyes




Pinhole Glasses

Lighting and Computer Glasses to Protect Your Eyesight

3D Pictures

Books and Information about Eye-training

Reading Problems and Dyslexia

The Dangers of Lasik Surgery

Eye-training Holidays in Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece



Affirmations and Afformations 

Energy Work



A Sun Exercise








   There are a great number of eye-training books on the market. More and more people are deciding to look after their eyes and do simple exercises to improve their vision. 

Some people have spectacular success and are able to improve their eyesight in a very short time just by doing half an hour’s eye-training every day for a few months. 

Others try really hard and do exercises every day and have no success. 

This is because healing of the eyes takes place on many levels, not only on the physical side. 

Our thoughts and our emotions also play an important part in the way we see. 

Limiting beliefs and emotional conflicts can negatively affect clear vision.  You need to release pent up emotions stored in your eyes, such as fear, guilt, anger and shame. 


 Fortunately, we now have some very good healers offering online courses to help us release these negative emotions. You will find information about these below.



(As always, get onto their email lists and look out for special offers).

Please be aware that these methods may take weeks, months or even longer to have any effect. Everyone is different.


JADE-YIN HOM  Jadeyinhom.com     


The spiritual healer, Jade-Yin Hom, has a programme at realrawyou.com run by Jeneth Blackert.

Jeneth says, "Your eyes are more than sensory organs, they are extensions of your spirit and consciousness. Eyes and eyesight are also impacted by emotional and psycho-spiritual issues. 

Jade's work on eyesight goes beyond the biomedical model of traditional medicine and the medical intuitive model that assigns an emotional issue to every ailment.

She works with Light Alchemy - patterns of light information to restore your eyes to their original Divine Blueprint."

MP3s in this programme are:   (in May, 2018)

1. Energetic support for the eyes.

2. Near-sightedness

3. Far-sightedness

4. Astigmatism

5.  Cataracts

6.  Macular Degeneration

7.  Eyesight, Insight and Vision

8.  Energetic spinal alignment to support healthy eyesight.


Jade-Yin Hom had a new programme on From Heartache to Joy in June, 2018.


STACEY MAYO at thesentelligentsolution.com

Stacey was interviewed by Aimee Serafini on happivize.com about improving eyesight and about her programme in September 2017 called "Healing Your Eyes Naturally, Without Surgery"


Please also see Stacey's Eye Healing Program on her website. 

You might also be interested in her Gene Replacement Program (for about six months or more)

Stacey says the Eye Healing Program works better together with this Gene Replacement Program.



Please also look at the section on Tapping and Systematic Eye-Therapy.


It is a well kept secret that thousands of people have been able to improve their eye-sight by doing eye-training exercises. We are deeply indebted to the pioneers of eye-training Dr.med.William H. Bates (1860-1931), Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) and Harry Benjamin. The titles of their books are given below.


There are many films on YouTube about improving your eyesight. 


First of all I would like to give you the names of 8 very successful eye-trainers, the titles of their books, CDs and websites where you can read about their seminars. I’ll give them to you in alphabetical order because they are all equally good. 


They are: Martin Brofman; Janet and Carina Goodrich; Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer; Roberto Kaplan,  Jacob Liberman, Greg Marsh, Mirsakarim Norbekov and Thomas Quakenbush.

Famous Eye-Trainers

MARTIN BROFMAN 1940 - 2014


Martin Brofman was the founder of the Brofman Foundation for the Advancement of Healing, foundation-brofman.org

He trained many instructors and they are teaching his healing and vision improvement methods worldwide.

Thousands have found improved vision through the Brofman method. Martin Brofman was a pioneer in vision improvement and exploring the nature of the body/mind interface.



Anything Can Be Healed

Improve Your Vision

The White Light Vision Improvement CD which is in two parts:

1.     White Light Vision Meditation

2.     White Light Eye Exercises

His books have been published until now in 16 languages




Natural Vision Improvement, Improve your eyesight and enjoy life more by  Janet Goodrich


This book is published by Penguin, Health/Medicine. On the back cover it says the following: Clear sight without glasses is your birthright. Drop the glasses. Learn a new way to see. Improve your eyesight with relaxing, effective vision games.


You need this book if you are: shortsighted, longsighted, using reading glasses or bifocals, desiring excellent eye coordination and fusion, suffering from ‘computer or aching eyes, willing to adopt good vision habits now to prevent problems later.


Janet Goodrich wrote in this book that the changing of vision can be a spiritual adventure as well. (Please see the preface).


How to Improve Your Child’s Eyesight Naturally. A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide by Janet Goodrich.


The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement by Carina Goodrich. “The Personal Eyesight Training Kit to do by yourself at home if you have Myopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism and want to make some “real progress with your natural vision improvement and enjoy yourself in the process, this is just what you need.


There is a video with Carina Goodrich giving a Natural Vision Improvement Seminar on YouTube. Please see: www.YouTube.com  and type in: An Introduction to Natural Vision Improvement by Carina Goodrich


For information about Pinhole glasses please see below. www.janetgoodrichmethod.com



for German speakers: Augenschule mit Farbtherapie by Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer.


You do not need to speak German to enjoy the second part of this book. There are 80 pages of geometric forms in various colours. You can experience amazing flashes of light and shining colours if you look at these pictures for a little while! Look at the black, grey or white page when you have finished with one colour. It is an amazing book and the colours are very good for your eyes.


Augenschule für gesundes Sehen, Das erfolgreiche Programm zur Stärkung der Sehkraft und zur Vorbeugung von Fehlsichtigkeit. Mit 20 Kurzübungen für das tägliche Training. 

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Continentale-Förderpreis für Natürheilkunde.

von Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer


Rasterbrille Das Augentraining nicht nur für Brillenträger

Das Übungsprogramm zur Vorbeugung und Behandlung von Sehschwächen. Exakte Anleitungen zu Seh-übungen mit der Rasterbrille. von Wolfgang Hätscher-Rosenbauer





Roberto Kaplan is a medical intuitive and an optometrist who is at the leading edge of twenty-first century health care. Dr. Kaplan holds a doctorate in optometry and is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and College of Syntonic Optometry.


Conscious Seeing, Transforming Your Life Through Your Eyes

 by Roberto Kaplan, O.D.


This book is published by “Beyond Words Publishing" On the back cover of this book it says the following: If the eyes are indeed the “windows to the soul then there might be a deeper significance to the emergence of an eye problem like nearsightedness than one might think. In “Conscious Seeing" Dr. Roberto Kaplan explains that how we see is the largest determining factor in what we see. When we look at our eyes beyond the diagnosis of a problem, we can come to understand that visual symptoms are valuable messages through which we can be more aware of our true nature. An insightful, practical, and holistic approach to eye care. “Conscious Seeing" gives you tools to re-program your consciousness and gain skills for modifying your perception.



Energetic Eye Healing: No Exercise Way of Improving Vision

The Power Behind Your Eyes

Seeing Without Glasses 

Seeing Beyond 20/20


Roberto Kaplan is on several YouTube films. Please see information about his “Kaplaneyecode" on www.YouTube.com  : Hidden Eye Codes for Improving Vision.


Dr.Kaplan has interesting advice for all those who are shortsighted in one eye and longsighted in the other. This is a problem affecting thousands of people.


For information about Pinhole glasses please see below. www.robertokaplan.at 

For information about Roberto Kaplan’s books, CDs, MP3s and pinhole glasses please see www.robertokaplan.at  and www.beyond2020vision.com






Jacob Liberman has treated more than 15,000 patients in his Institute in Aspen/Colorado.www.jacobliberman.org


Take Off Your Glasses and See: A Mind/Body Approach to Expanding Your Eyesight and Insight by Jacob Liberman

Exercise Your Eyes by Dr. Jacob Liberman

Light: A New Paradigem for Health and Healing

Light: Medicine of the Future, How We Can Use It to Heal Ourselves Now by Dr. Jacob Liberman




Greg Marsh is a Certified Natural Vision Teacher and has helped thousands of people to improve their eyesight, either directly or through his CD programmes.



CD Programmes

Visualize Clear Eyesight: Dissolve Visual Strain

Better Eyesight Now: The Basics

Reclaim Your Eyesight Naturally: Complete Programme

Secrets of Regaining Your Vision Naturally

Relax Your Way to Clearer Sight




You can read all about Mirsakarim Norbekov on www.en.Wikipedia.org/Wiki/MIZAKARIM_NORBEKOV

His book on eye-training is a world-wide bestseller and has been translated into many languages. It is called:

“The experience of a fool who had an epiphany about how to get rid of his glasses

Norbekov’s eye-training method is so successful that he was not allowed to give seminars in a certain country for fear of bankrupting the optician industry!

He mentions this in his book. 





Thomas Quakenbush is the Director of the Natural Vision Center in Nijmegen, Holland.

He has been teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement / Bates Method classes full time since 1983 and Certified Teacher Training Programmes since 1986.



Relearning to See: Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Thomas Quakenbush compiled and edited the massive volume Better Eyesight: The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates.