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These affirmations work even better if you say them whilst tapping / doing EFT.

You can also do Mirror Work by looking at your left or right eye whilst you are saying these affirmations. This is very powerful. Louise Hay has an online course at Hay House where she teaches Mirror Work: “Loving Yourself.”


I can see better now.

I am seeing better now.

I am seeing better and better every day.

I love my eyes.

Every cell in my left eye is happy and healthy and deeply loved by me.

Every cell in my right eye is happy and healthy and deeply loved by me.


There are some more affirmations for the eyes and eye problems in the following books:


Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to

          Overcome Them by Louise L. Hay

Love Your Body by Louise L. Hay. There is a helpful passage here called: I Love My Eyes.


Martin Brofman wrote a very interesting article: Vision as a Metaphor – The Relationship between eyesight and consciousness on his website: and please click on Medias and choose your language. You will find some more affirmations here.



Why can I see better now?

Why am I seeing better now?

Why am I seeing better every day?

Why do I love my eyes?

Why do I enjoy doing eye-training exercises every day?

Why do I enjoy tapping for better eyesight every day?

Why is tapping helping me to see better?


Noah St. John invented Afformations. Please read his book: Afformations and see his website:




Sit comfortably and place your elbows on a table in front of you.

Close your eyes.

Rub the palms of your hands together.

Place the palms of your hands a small distance away from your eyes, one palm in front of each eye. Put some books or cushions under each elbow if you notice that you are uncomfortable. Your back should be nice and straight.


 Ask God to send you some healing energy to help you to see better, according to His Divine Will. Let it come through the top of your head, go down to your heart chakra and from there down your arms and to your hands. Let it then go from the palms of your hands to your eyes.

Do this for about five minutes every day. Say “Thank you when you have finished.


If you are sensitive, you’ll notice the energy pouring out of your palms and going to your eyes. Your hands will feel either cold or hot or they might tingle. You might have to yawn. If you do not feel anything it does not matter. The energy is going there anyway.




Palming is one of the most important eye-training exercises. It is very soothing for the eyes and relaxing for the whole body. It is good if you can do it at least once a day.

Almost every eye-training book has a section on Palming.


 Sit comfortably and place your elbows on a table in front of you. Put some books or cushions under each elbow so that your back is nice and straight.


Close your eyes.

Rub the palms of your hands together.

Place the palms of your hands gently on your closed eyes with the tips of your fingers crossing each other above your nose.

Try and see a dark velvety black. Breathe in and out deeply with your mouth closed.

Try and do this exercise for at least 5 minutes every day. You can do it for as long as you like. Some people benefit by doing palming for an hour. You may listen to some music whilst you are doing this.


When you have finished palming, blink a few times, yawn and stretch yourself.

You should feel nice and relaxed. Your eyes will love it.


There is a very good demonstration of how to do palming on YouTube. Please see:  and type in “Bates Method: Palming" and “Natural Eyesight Improvement with the Bates Method"





Acupressure is an ancient art practised by the Chinese for more than 5,000 years.

It is possible to activate your self-healing abilities by putting gentle pressure on certain points around the eyes. This stimulates the nerves and energy points around the eyes and as these are also connected to various organs throughout the body via the Meridian System, the whole body benefits from this. Doing acupressure can reduce eyestrain and support optimal vision.


You will need to find a diagram of the face with the position of the points you need to press. Here is a very brief summary of the first 4 points:


1. Tian-Ying, at the base of the eye-brow near the nose.

2. Ying-Ming, near the corner of the eye near the nose.

3. Si-Bai, under the middle of the eye, above the cheek.

4. Tai-Yang, at the base of the eye-brow, near the ear.


There is a young Chinese girl demonstrating Eye Acupressure on, please type in: “Chinese little girl Doing Chinese Eye Exercise“ Chinese Eye Exercise and “Eye Exercise



A SUN EXERCISE by Daphne Gulland


The following exercise is for adults only. You can find it in many books on eye-training but I have added the following to make it more exciting. It is of vital importance to keep the eyes closed whilst you are doing this. That is why I do not wish children to do this they might open their eyes and look at the sun which would harm their eyesight.


Go outside in the early hours of the morning before the sun gets too strong. Stand in front of the sun and close your eyes. Relax and let the sun gently shine onto your face and onto your eyes for a few minutes. Then hold the palms of your hands in front of your eyes for a little while. This is called “palming. Then take your hands away from your closed eyes. Stay facing the sun with your eyes closed. Now you should gradually see the most beautiful orange or red colour you have ever seen. This is so beautiful it will take your breath away. It will just be there for a short while.


Repeat the palming and then take your hands away again. You’ll see the beautiful colour again. Always keep your eyes CLOSED.


You may do this three or four times but then that is enough.

Turn your back to the sun and do some palming for about 5 minutes, still standing in the sun. Do this every day and your whole body will benefit from it, not only your eye-sight. This whole exercise takes about 10 minutes.