“Aluminium causes a slowly progressive impairment of vision, partly due to changes in the muscles of the eyeball, and partly to changes in other eye tissues" written by  H. Tomlinson, M.B., Ch.B., MRCS., LRCP.  For more information about eye problems, please see: Diseases Associated with Aluminium Intoxication by H. Tomlinson on the internet or read his book:  Aluminium Utensils and Disease, The Dangers Inherent in the Widespread Use of the Metal;  please see: and type in: aluminium.


Please check the small print on your deodorants, anti-perspirants, cosmetics, shampoos, and suntan lotions.  Bottled drinks are better than drinks in aluminium cans.


Please see the trailer of the documentary film on YouTube: The Age of Aluminium in English.  Look up "Alum" on the internet.


For more information about the dangers of aluminium, please see and type in aluminium.




Mercury is bad for the eyesight.  The good news is that by clearing this toxin, as well as other toxins, out of your body you might be able to improve your eyesight.


Please read the bestselling book: Medical Medium by Anthony William, Chapter 18, Freeing Your Brain and Body of Toxins. Anthony William says that mercury is a top fuel for cancers, viruses and bacteria. Also that mercury exposure causes a vast number of symptoms and conditions including depression, ADHD, autism, hair loss, memory loss, migraines, thyroid disorders and many more. He says that Alzheimer’s is 100 percent mercury-caused. I strongly recommend you to read this book.


Mercury is in sea and river water and that is why some of the fish we eat contains mercury.  It is, therefore, best to be careful about the fish you choose to eat.  Look up “Mercury toxins in fish and „mercury poisoning fish list" on the internet, for example:  Fish and Seafood Cooking.  Here is a list of fish and their levels of mercury.  Consider taking Krill Oil Capsules instead of eating fish, for example Neptune Krill Oil from Canada. Tuna and swordfish contain the most mercury.


Dental Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings.

Amalgam are the silvery grey fillings in your teeth.  Please look up the following on the internet:  Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings;  Mercury Safe Dentists;  Heavy Metal Detoxification Methods.  Ask your doctor or Naturopath as well as your dentist for advice.


Please read Chapter 18 of the book: Medical Medium by Anthony William about Dental Amalgams and Heavy Metal Detox. He recommends you to have only one amalgam filling removed at a time, with at least one month between each removal.


Only go to a dentist who knows how to remove your amalgam fillings safely.


One sign of mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings is when your gums turn light grey.

Please see: (in English) and read about their various tests, including one on Saliva-Amalgam. Joachim Mutter advises people to start taking precautionary measures two weeks before the amalgam filling is removed - page 78, Amalgam- A Risk for Humanity.


Dr. Nenah Sylver writes in her Rife Handbook, page 134, that mercury is a highly toxic heavy metal and that it causes severe nerve damage.  She has written an article here about Milky Oats Tea for Nerve Repair.






You may find information about Pinhole glasses and how to buy them at


You may watch a film on YouTube where Roberto Kaplan demonstrates the effectiveness of Pinhole glasses to his astonished audience. It is called:

A Secret Relaxation Approach for Improving Eyes YouTube


You may buy Trayner Pinhole Glasses online at  and read all about them here as well. They write: “Trayner Pinhole Glasses relax tired eyes, build up the flexibility of your eyes, remind your eyes how to focus on their own, are suitable for adults and children. Wear them for 15 minutes a day and let your eyes do the rest.




Some computer screens, especially older ones, can harm the eyes. TFT flat screens radiate mercury light. Typical symptoms are all kinds of eye problems, headaches and fatigue. PRISMA has a whole range of products to protect your eyes from computer screens and energy-saving light-bulbs. 


Please type in your search machine: LED Lights and eyesight;

Artificial Lighting and the Blue Light Hazard;

Fluorescent lights and eye-sight





3D pictures are very good for your eyesight, your body and your mind! It is a beautiful experience to spend a few minutes every day looking at one of these pictures.


More than 20 million copies of the following 3D Magic Eye books have been sold.

Please see:  and see the “Image of the Week and

 “Magic Eye May Improve Your Vision Testimonials"

3D BOOKS available from amazon.   


  • Magic Eye Beyond 3D, Improve Your Vision, Reduce Computer Eye Strain, Stress and More by Magic Eye Inc. and Marc Grossman.
  • Magic Eye, Volumes 2 and 3 by Magic Eye Inc.
  • Magic Eye: A New Bag of Tricks by Magic Eye Inc.
  • Magic Eye I and II, Now You See It 3D Illusions by N.E.Thing Enterprises, published by Michael Joseph, London.




Please type in: "free Snellen Eye Chart" for an eye test chart on the internet.


Dr. Mercola has very much information about eye-training and how to help children avoid wearing glasses; food for good vision and much more. and type in eyesight. 


For various home study courses please see: and also look at the products offered by the eye-trainers listed above.


For Vision Programmes, Nutritional Supplements, Audio Events and Lectures please see:  Cambridge Institute for Better Vision “Here’s where you’ll find the most up-to-date, natural, safe and effective solutions to help you improve your vision and make your eyes healthier" says Martin Sussman, President and Founder.

Easily Erase Astigmatism Programme with Martin Sussman




  • Leo Angart:
  •  Magic Eyes: Vision Training for Children 
  • Improve Your Eyesight Naturally 
  • Read Again Without Glasses (includes DVD) 
  • Please see for the video: Vision Training with Leo Angart BBC4
  • Better Sight Without Glasses by Harry Benjamin
  • The Bates Method for Better Eyesight Without Glasses by Dr.William Bates
  • The WDDTY Good Sight Guide, A comprehensive guide to mainting healthy eyes
  • Practical Iridology Using your eyes to pinpoint your health risks and your particular path to wellbeing by Peter Jackson-Main
  • The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health by Nenah Sylver, PhD, also available at  This is an excellent book about holistic health, even if you do not have a Rife Machine.




Please read the book: Medical Medium by Anthony William, and especially Chapter 12, Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and Autism; and about the toxic heavy metals - Mercury and Aluminium which play a key role in causing autism and ADHD.

Please see: for reading problems, dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, light sensitivity,

underachievers and headaches.


Amazon has several books about Dyslexia, for example:

The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Dyslexia by Abigail Marshall

Supporting Children with Dyslexia by Hull Learning Services.




Dr. Mercola has information on his website about Lasik Surgery. Please see: Lasik Surgery. Please see:  Is Lasik Surgery safe? Thousands Have Been Harmed by Lasik Eye Surgery The Dangers of Lasik Surgery




These are holidays especially for people who would like to spend a week in the countryside with a group of people with sight problems. Eye-training lessons usually take place in the morning and late afternoon. The group has its meals together and undertakes little outings together with the teacher in the early afternoons. This is a good opportunity to make friends and to practise doing eye-training together.


Uschi Ostermeier-Sitkowski offers eye-training holidays in the south of Germany and Greece. Please see: and click on 'Augenseminare'

Please see:  in Italy and Spain, Argentina and Chile, with eye-trainer Maurizio Cagnoli

 click on ' Vacanze'