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KC:   Even though my eyes have been under stress, I believe that they can feel better.

KC:   Even though sometimes I feel frustrated with my eyes, I’m going to relax a little

                 and start to feel better about it all.

KC:   Even though I’ve been worried about my eyes, I am going to trust that they are ok.


EB:    I wonder what it would feel like to see clearly and have healthy eyes?

SE:    I’m open to finding out what that would be like.

UE:   My eyes are very flexible and fluid.

UN:   My eyes know how to see clearly, they’ve done it before!

CH:   I’m ready to try something new.

CB:   I’m ready for a new relationship with my eyes.

UA:  It’s natural for me to see clearly.

TH:   I love and appreciate my eyes!


Take a deep breath.



           by Eleanore Duyndam  TheTappingSolution.com/2013tappingworldsummit


KC:   Even though my eyes are feeling stressed and I don’t know why, I still deeply and       

              completely love and accept myself.

KC:   Even though my eyes have something to say to me and I haven’t been listening,

               I’m listening now.

KC:   Even though I have unconscious tension that I’m holding in my eyes, I’m becoming

                aware of it now.


EB:   All this tension I’ve been holding in my eyes

SE:   I can feel it; my eyes feel heavy.

UE:   All these unconscious fears that are making my eyes feel tense.

UN:   I’m becoming aware of my eyes and how they feel.

CH:   All this pressure!

UA:   I’m giving my eyes and myself a break.

TH:   I’m taking care of myself by paying attention to my eyes.


Take a deep breath.


IDENTITY  by Eleanore Duyndam



KC:   Even though I’m not sure who I would be if I didn’t need glasses, and that scares me,

                 I deeply accept myself and my fears.

KC:   Even though everyone in my family wears glasses, I wonder if it’s all right for me

                  to be different.

KC:   Even though I feel safer hiding behind my eyeglasses, I deeply and completely love

                   and accept myself.


EB:   I’m not so sure that I want to improve my eyesight.

SE:   It might feel strange.

UE:   I need my eyeglasses they comfort me.

UN:   I’m afraid I will feel lost and vulnerable if I’m not wearing glasses.

CH:   I really like my glasses;  I don’t want to get rid of them!

CB:   They look good on me;  they make me look intelligent!

UA:   I think I’ll keep them, after all!

TH:   It’s ok for me to keep wearing my eyeglasses or contacts.  I’ve done fine with them.


EB:   I wonder who I would be without my eyeglasses?

SE:   I wonder what I might do if I could see clearly.

UE:   I might make some changes to my life

UN:  ... and that might upset people close to me.

CH:   But that’s ok, people can adjust.

CB:   Maybe it’s time for me to do what’s right for ME!

UA:   I think I might like the new me.

TH:   I’m ready to experience new things.


Take a deep breath.






I take no responsibility if you look at the sun with open eyes or if you do this exercise when the sun is too strong. Only do this exercise in the early hours of the morning. Always do the palming afterwards. Keep your eyes closed during this exercise. If you stare at the sun with open eyes it can harm your eye-sight.


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