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I found the following passage on the Internet many years ago by an unknown author. It is very amusing. I added some of my own idioms to it. You may find all these idioms in my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms. If you wrote this passage, please contact me.



A language lover’s guide to calorie-burning activities and the number of calories per hour they consume.


Beating about the bush                       75

Jumping to conclusions                       100

Swallowing your pride                         50

Dragging your heels                            100

Passing the buck                                 25

Hitting the nail on the head                 50

Pulling out the stops                            75

Turning up your nose                           5

Elbowing your way through                 150

Putting your foot in it                           25

Kicking up a fuss                                 300

Throwing in the towel                          100

Keeping the ball rolling                        90

Falling between two stools                   75

Surfing the net                                     500

Pulling strings                                      70

Passing the parcel                                100

Bending over backwards                      150

Jumping on the bandwagon                  200

Running around in circles                     350

Driving someone up the wall                 150

Throwing your weight about

     (depending on your weight)             50 - 300

Making mountains out of molehills       700

Climbing the ladder of success             750

Adding fuel to the fire                           160

Pulling a face                                        7

Carrying a millstone round your neck    400

Breaking the back of a task                   300

Running hard just to stand still              500

Swimming against the stream                600

Throwing someone in at the deep end    500

Squeezing the orange until the pips squeak  250

Throwing yourself into a part                 400

Skating on slippery ice                           600

Wrestling with a problem                       700

Jumping down someone's throat             300

Putting your shoulder to the wheel         400  





Here are some more calorie-burning activities and the number of calories per hour they consume.


Knitting your brows                                 50

Stretching your legs                                100

Biting the carpet                                     150

Spilling the beans                                     85

Pulling up your socks                               50

Splitting hairs                                          40

Digging your heels in                              200

Jumping through hoops                          400

Letting your hair down                             50

Picking a bone with someone                  100

Running your legs to jelly                        700

Sweeping something under the carpet     600

Picking up the pieces                               350

Burying your head in the sand                 650

Making the mind boggle                          100

Catching someone on the hop                  400 





You can find all these idioms and their definitions in my Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms. Just look up the nouns in these idioms in the index at the back of the book, for example, please look up: brows; legs; carpet; beans; socks; hairs; heels; hoops, and so on. It is nice and easy. You might like to make a list of your own idiomatic way to lose weight! Have fun!





This is also very nice.


I found the answers in my room.


Roof said:         Aim high

Fan said:           Be cool

Clock said:        Every minute is precious

Mirror said:       Reflect before you act

Window said:    See the world

Calendar said:   Be up-to-date

Door said:         Push hard to achieve your goals.


                       This text is from an unknown source. If you wrote this, please contact me.