Daphne Gulland `s Poems

I am very grateful to have been inspired to write many poems these last twenty years.

I would like to begin with my favourite poem: Listen to the Song of Your Soul. You can find this one and many others in my book, Salt Cross Poems, sold by Amazon worldwide. Enjoy!

              LISTEN TO THE SONG OF YOUR SOUL by Daphne Gulland


                         Listen to the song of your soul,

               Listen to the message you've never been told.

                       Days do come and days do go

                                  Nights are long

                                And full of dreams

                                Reality is nothing        

                               Like what it seems.

                                Your soul is there 

                               To make you aware

                                 Of another world

                                Seemingly far away

                                        But yet

                                In a marvellous way

                                      Close to you

                                     A part of you.

                                  You just have to 

                        Listen to the song of your soul

                Listen to the message you've never been told.



FLOWER MY GARDEN  by Daphne Gulland


                            Flower my garden!

                 Hold back the swirl of passing time.

                   Let me lie in your welcome shade

                     And contemplate my future life

                Surrounded by your beauty and serenity.

                           Flower my garden,

                           Garden of my life.

                    And the garden of my life replied:

                'Dear Nature's child, so sweet and mild,

                    I cannot make time stand still,

                That's not God's purpose or His will.

                    Dedicate your future years

                 To stamping out this Earth's tears.

               And when your life is through and done

            You'll come and join me in the rays of the sun,

                      Shining and smiling as my wife

                       Onto the garden of your life.'

                  Flower, flower, flower my garden,

                     Dearest garden of my life.

RIVER OF MY DREAMS  by Daphne Gulland


                     River of my dreams flow on

              Fill my world with your dainty song.

                  Tell me, should I buy this house?

               And live here for the rest of my life?

                 Will it make me happy or sad,

                 Fill me with unspoken dread?

                   Or will I fall in love with it

                 And many hours enchanted sit

            On the emerald-green and manicured lawn

            Surrounded by flowers, wild or high-born.

        Let the walls echo with my laughter and tears

                May it be my fate to pass the years

             Within this house, may it enchanted be,

               River of my dreams, fulfil my destiny.



                        LOVE IN THE AUTUMN by Daphne Gulland


                                      Leaves and flowers

                                     In heaps and bowers.

                                 How we love to see their colours,

                          Turning from white to red and pink and lilac.

                            There is no end to their manifold beauty.

                          In the eyes of the sun and the beams of its light,

                              There are many wondrous works of art,

                              Hidden away under clouds and trees,

                              Just waiting for us to arrive and see.

                                 Innocent eyes so bright and blue

                                   Darker eyes like almonds too.

                            What wonders there are for us to behold.

                                 We look back and remember the

                                        Yearnings of our soul

                              And laugh and sigh and laugh once more,

                                     Our fingers gliding through the

                                         Colours of love

                                Floating on the wings of a dove




                                  Guardian, guardian of my dreams

                                This is my world, this is how it seems. 

                                       Let me leave reality

                                    And enter my own fantasy.

                                     Please turn night into day

                                   And let me dream my life away.

                                   Ghosts and elves and angels too,

                                      What I dream is up to you.

                                 In my dreams I do transcend

                               Shifting sands to no man's lands.

                                    Let me go slipping, sliding,


                                          Deja-vu abiding.

                           Let me read the signs of the universe

                                And understand coincidence.

                             Guardian, guardian of my dreams,         

                                   Tell us how it really seems.

                            When I awake to the cold light of day,

                                I find my world in disarray.

                             What the hell and what the heck,

                                     I want my dreams,

                                     I want them back.

                                  Guardian, guardian,

                           Do I abide in a valley of dreams?

                           Shall I stand down there and stare,

                              Wait till the truth be laid bare?

                           Or can I fly to the mountain top,

                                   Then look down

                              And understand the lot?



                           MESSAGE FROM MERLIN  by Daphne Gulland


                           Elephants and hyenas, albatrosses and pigs,

                              These are amongst my favourite things.

                          In the Himalayas where the snow does fall

                               I see the One who made them all.

                               How I long for times long ago

                             When I saw my enemy fail to show.

                             With fleeting glance and cowardly tail

                          He would inch his way back home again.

                         Now the time has come to say these words -

                             My greatest hope is they will be heard.

                          Elephants and hyenas, albatrosses and pigs,

                             All sit beside me in united grief.

                          'We must change our ways', our planet sighs.

                              Dear Mother Earth, our dearest friend.

                               The time has come to make amends

                                To live our lives in peace again.

                            When our planet spins and turns

                              We all do jump aside and hear

                             In vain and yet once more again

                             The wheels do screech and groan

                         For here is the message from Merlin:

                           Learn to love and find your peace 

                               For once we succeed in that

                           Our Mother Earth will overcome

                          All pain and suffering and smile again.


CIRCLE OF STONE by Daphne Gulland


I’m standing here in my

Circle of stone

For this here is my

Spiritual home.


The waves do splash

And whip against the cliffs.

The winds do howl

And roar and wail.


I’m standing here in my 

Circle of stone

For this here is my spiritual home.


The gulls do fly

Across the sky.

The deer do fleet

From tree to tree.


Life goes on

And on and on.

Kings and queens do come and go

But I stay here in my

Circle of stone

For this here is my spiritual home.



              RED DRAGON TIME  by Daphne Gulland


I’ve got Celtic blood in my veins

Flowing like water foaming out of the earth

Surrounded by air that is everywhere

I sit here waiting beside Merlin’s grave.


I’ve got dragon’s blood in my veins

It’s red and strong and gushes along

I rise and dive and glide along

Till I arrive at Avalon.


I’ve got Merlin’s blood in my veins

It’s filled with love from the stars above

It’s full of power and hope

And I see the phoenix rising from the flames

Which tells me Mother Earth will be happy again.





WALES  by Daphne Gulland


Sparkling blue seas

And fluffy white clouds

High up on a hill

Surrounded by trees

A mighty magician once stood.

Merlin was his name

And his home was the wood.


It was a wild wood

And dangerous for his foe.

But for Merlin it was safe,

He knew where to go.


He is still there today

You just have to call him.

Show him respect

And deep love

For his trees

And he will transport you

Through the mists of time

To his famous stone circle

Where you may stand with him

And cast a spell

That with Mother Earth

All may be well.


 LAND’S END  by Daphne Gulland


Mighty waves crash against the rocks

Thunder fills the air

Lightning flashes in the sky

Black clouds go rolling by.


Then all is still

The air is clean

We creep out of our hidey-holes

And stand on the shore.


We look to the east

And we look to the west

Waves still crash against the rocks

But the thunder is there no more.


Land’s End, what mighty storms you have seen!

And you have survived them all.

Your fortitude fills us with hope.

We, too, shall live forever more.



   THE WATERFALL by Daphne Gulland


Little drops do start to flow

And all the time do bigger grow

Bigger and bigger

Gaining power and strength

Just as they do now

So they did

A thousand years ago.


This waterfall

Is in a very secret place

In the middle of a beautiful wood.

Long, long ago

Merlin here with Arthur stood.

Druids teaching and learning

Their hearts filled 

With love and yearning.


The waterfall watches them

And splashes on

Happy and carefree

Singing its song

As it gushes along –

     Until the end of time.






                       FLOWERS AND TREES by Daphne Gulland


                     Flowers, brought forth by

                     Mother Earth,

                     Miniature works of art

                     To gladden our hearts,

                     To fill us with wonder

                      And awe.

                      Trees of all

                      Shapes and sizes,

                      Giving us their energy and love.

                       How bleak would our world be

                       Without a flower or a tree.


DOLPHINS by Daphne Gulland


                Dolphins, how I love to watch you play

                In and out of the water every day.

                What a joy it is to see you.

                If you could laugh

                We would surely hear you.

                If you could cry

                We would surely comfort you.

                 Dear dolphins,

                 We are here to make amends,

                 We are here to be your friends.

                 Times are changing now.

                  From days of sadness,

                  Days of woe,

                  What a long way we had to go,

                  How many years you had to wait.

                  But times are changing now

                  We shall protect you

                  From your foe

                  Because now we are filled with love

                  From top to toe.

                  We no longer have far to go.


                      WHALES by Daphne Gulland


                Dear whales and dolphins of the sea,

                we wish you well.

               We know it is hard for you.

               The drums send 

               deadly, destructive, devastating

               sonic waves through the sea,

               pounding your ear drums

               penetrating your brains

               and nervous systems,

               pounding, pounding

               piercing, piercing

               without end.

               You end up as beached whales

               in your hundreds

               upon the shores.

               There is only one thing

               we can do:

               it is up to us

               to make it






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