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  • The Blue Pearl and the Blue Dot
  • Very Enjoyable Meditations
  • Healing Meditations
  • Mantras and Mudras
  • Fluoride and the Pineal Gland
  • The Importance of Grounding / Earthing
  • Labyrinths
  • Books about Meditation
  • Books about Reality Shifts
  • Books about Lucid Dreams
  • Books about Leaving the Body
  • Books about Walk-Ins and Wanderers
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“Without meditating, you are like a blind man in a world of great beauty“ says Krishnamurti.


It is a good idea to meditate every day and it is very important to enjoy your meditation.  Do not think or worry about the past or the future whilst you are meditating.  Let it all go and enjoy the present moment.  Focus on your breathing and you will soon find yourself releasing all stress.  Meditation is very good for your health and happiness.


There are many different ways in which you can meditate: to help you to relax and free yourself from stress; to clean your chakras, to heal yourself, to help you forgive those who have upset you; to connect you with angels, Nature Spirits, and the Spirit World and how to reach a higher level of consciousness (for example Hemi-Sync).


Some of you like to meditate whilst you are walking and enjoying Nature, or when you are swimming or playing a musical instrument.  You are very much in the NOW.


You might prefer to look at a candle-flame or a beautiful flower or a goldfish in an aquarium  for a certain time.


There are special meditations which can take you back with your consciousness to former lives, (for example those by Dr. Brian Weiss), to the past or to other planets.  


It is possible to meditate by sitting in a lotus position on the floor, or by sitting on a chair with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor.   If you get a stiff neck or backache doing this you might prefer to lie flat on your back with your arms at your sides, palms facing upwards.  Do what is the most comfortable for you.

I recommend you to read  ’Meditation within Eternity“ by Eric Pepin where he teaches you how to meditate in the best possible way to get really good results.


Always ground yourselves first.  Imagine roots growing from your feet down towards the root chakra or the heart chakra of Mother Earth.  Imagine her energy coming back to you and thank her.


Always ask to be surrounded in a divine protective Light before meditating.


Do not drive whilst you are listening to a meditation. It is important to switch off your mobile phones and computers whilst you are meditating. The rays which are coming from these interfere with the good rays which come to you from the Spirit World whilst you are meditating.


Meditating will help you to stay young, healthy and happy.  You will notice that the inner worlds are very much larger than the outer world here on Earth.  You will gradually become more psychic in many beautiful and surprising ways.  Please be patient.  


 Know that for every one step you take along your spiritual path, the Spirit World takes one thousand steps towards you.  The Spirit World is full of love for you and wishes you to wake up.  It is time for you now to stop being like a caterpillar crawling along the earth and to turn into a beautiful butterfly and fly happily high up in the sky from one wonderful experience to another.


 Do not worry if you cannot see any pictures whilst meditating.  They will appear to you at exactly the right time. Christopher S. Kilham says in his book "The Five Tibetans" that meditation experiences are like signs along a road and that they are not the goal, just part of the scenery.  He says that they are interesting, but that they are not what practice is about.  It is only clear, pure mind that matters.  (page 72, Healing Arts Press).





 The Blue Pearl might appear to your inner eye now and again during your meditations.  It is a very bright sparkling blue, sometimes forming a circle and other times you see only small parts of it.  It leaves you filled with wonder and wishing to see it again.


       Neale Donald Walsch writes about the Blue Pearl in his book: The Storm before the Calm, Chapter 27.  Bringing Your Soul into Your Life: Methods and Processes.  It is well worth reading.


       Many people are now seeing the Blue Dot with their eyes open, usually just in front of them.  It appears for a second and then vanishes.  This also leaves a big impression on you and delights you.  It is a brilliant blue, the kind of blue you see when sunlight shines onto a mountain crystal.


       The Spirit World is communicating with us through these Blue Dots, Orbs and Crop Circles.  These are very exciting times we are living in! 


You can find out more about the Blue Pearl and the Blue Dot at

William Henry, author, investigative mythologist and TV presenter, talks about blue dots, blue birds and Blue Avians on 

For DVDs about crop circles please see Amazon. 



      It is best to avoid meditations where you have to learn very complicated techniques because you do not have Divine Knowledge.  White Eagle and Lord Thoth both recommend you to lead a helpful and caring life, to read spiritual books, to pray and meditate and to let the angels build up your Light Body.  You just relax and let them carry on with it.  The angels and Masters know exactly what needs to be done at the right time, exactly when you are ready.  You do not have this knowledge.  You need not make your chakras larger, etc. yourself.





ERIC PEPIN      Meditations and Books

  • Deep Resonating Aums CD
  • Meditation Within Eternity: The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual Growth
  • Igniting the Sixth Sense: The Lost Human Sensory that Holds the Key to Spiritual Awakening and Unlocking the Power of the Universe  2013
  • The Handbook of the Navigator
  • Silent Awakening  2013
  • Waking the Immortal Within  2014
  • Guild of PSI   March 2015
  • Prescient Visions   November 2015
  • Over 80 courses on audio and DVD on awakening, Live Events and Workshops, and a Live, 2-hour class every month
  • Rebel Guru Radio Podcast
  • EricPepin.TV: Who are the Shadow People? and other videos. 

You may also see Eric Pepin on YouTube



Aligning to Zero 

Dr. Joe Vitale says: “Here is a short list of what you can easily expect from this meditation:  Unblock energies; release stress; awaken spirituality; increase psychic abilities; align your energy centers; focus your mind; increase creativity; achieve relaxed alertness; heal your body and mind; get into the ’Flow’ state; increase intentions; streamline Law of Attraction; possibly lower blood pressure.“

  • Blue Healer
  • Invoking Divinity
  • The Secret Prayer
  • Please also see Healing Meditations on this website, and Amazon for a list of his books.


You can find nearly 100 meditations here by well-known spiritual teachers such as:

Louise Hay; Dr. Wayne Dyer; Marianne Williamson; James van Praagh; Dr. Barbara de Angelis; Brian Weiss; Sonia Choquette; davidji; Kyle Gray; Esther Hicks; Bernie Siegel; Diana Cooper; Denise Linn; Mike Dow; Sylvia Browne; Doreen Virtue; Lissa Rankin; Judith Orloff, M.D. and others.



  • Six Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley Om Life Meditations and others. 



Sherry is a Clairvoyant, Multidimensional Integrator, Soul Whisperer, and Mentor.

Dolphin meditations and many others. See also



 Free meditations, guided meditations, lessons on how to meditate,  available here:

 Please also see for a list of his books.



  • Inner Exercises CDs
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Chakra Activation
  • Healing Relationships
  • Letting Go of Burdens and many other meditations
  • DVD Choose Love.  Michael Roads shows us how our focus and attention create our reality, and that consciously choosing Love can profoundly change our lives.
  • Please also see Amazon for a list of his books.


EBEN ALEXANDER,M.D. with Karen Newell

  • Seeking Heaven - Sound Journeys into the Beyond CD

These four meditations are from the author of Proof of Heaven, the bestseller that touched millions of lives.  These four sound journeys combine digital harmonic frequencies, sacred instruments, sounds from nature and the human voice to help listeners recreate the four stages of Dr. Alexander’s miraculous spiritual experience. audio tools, meditation, books


DEBORAH KING  for a list of her books and courses.

  • Learn to Meditate with Deborah King 


Hemd-Sync's binaural beat CDs and digital downloads can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states. Would you like to enter deep meditative states reliably and easily? Then have a look at their website! It is in English, Chinese, German, Japanese and Spanish.


The Way of Hemi-Sync - Free Download

     In order to help you experience the benefits of using Hemi-Sync's binaural beat technology, we're offering The Way of Hemi-Sync for free! This verbally guided demonstration exercise will introduce you to the extraordinary benefits of the whole-brain states of consciousness made possible by Hemi-Sync. You will hear, feel, and understand how Hemi-Sync works and then enjoy a relaxing and deeply restful experience. (Mind Food - Verbal) 29 minutes. (Home)

  • Eternity Within
  • Touching Grace
  • Transformation
  • Chakra Journey
  • Ascension
  • Hemd-Sync Support for Healing
  • Spirit’s Journey and many others.



 ASHANA CDs and MP3s

  • The Aramaic Lord's Prayer
  • Jewels of Silence
  • All Is Forgiven
  • River of Light
  • Beloved
  • Stress-Relief Meditations 

 Please see for many more of her songs and videos



  • 33 Spirit Journeys 
  • Meditation for Your Home on her website under Meditations and Videos



  • Angel Therapy Meditations
  • Angel Healing Meditations on video, please see Created Playlist on her website
  • Angel Medicine CD and book, a deep-clearing meditation designed to release stored emotional pain.



  • Archangel Michael
  • The Unicorn Meditation 
  • Meditations and Spiritual Exercises are on her website



Whale Whispers, Lion Roars, channelled meditations from the whales and sacred white lions CD, and the book: The Whale Whisperer

Fearless Earth meditations for Gaia CD




Living in the Heart Book and Meditation CD by Drunvalo Melchizedek



Enya is an Irish singer and songwriter. 

Orinoco Flow and other videos are on Youtube


All CDs by Lex van Someren



  • The Gayatra Mantra by Oreade Music
  • The Dalai Lama’s Healing Mantra
  • Healing Mantras, Book and CD by Thomas Ashley-Farrand
  • The Healing Power of Mudras: The Yoga of the Hands by Rajendar Menen
  • Healing Mudras by Sabrina Mesko



  • The Secret Prayer, The Three-Step Formula for Attracting Miracles, audio and book 
  • Blue Healer CD or MP3 download with 5 healing tracks: Blue Healer; Energy Massage; Gayatri Train; Secret Harp; Soothing Muse 
  • The Healing Song 
  • Aligning to Zero 
  • At Zero 
  • Ho’oponopono Deep Cleansing Meditation 432 to Zero 
  • Calling the Four Angels of Ho’oponopono 
  • Morrnah’s Prayer spoken by Joe Vitale 
  • Higher Octaves 
  • Invoking Divinity 
  • Ultimate Clearing Meditation 
  • Inner Child Meditation 





  • Chakra Balancing and Healing by Jenny Ngo 
  • Lynn Waldrop: Chakra Blowout  
  • Dipal Shah: Supercharge Your Chakras
  • Edwin Spina: Full Spectrum Transformation
  • Hemi-Sync Chakra Journey 
  • Seeds for your Soul Chakra Meditation by Debra Poneman 
  • Journey Through the Chakras by Colette Baron-Reid 
  • Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virtue 
  • Chakra Yoga Nidras with Dr. Susan Shumsky




Quantum Jumping: Jump into Ideal Health; Unbreakable Health with the Cellular Jump The Intuitive Healing Guide 



Peaceful Journey and many others 

Divine Name by Jonathan Goldman and Gregg Braden 


Hemi-Sync Support for Healing – supports the natural healing process 

(Please see above - Enjoyable Meditations)




Overtone Chanting Meditations and audios, videos and much more.

Workshops: The Healing Voice: "Explore the healing and transformative power of your voice."

Healing Family and Ancestors: "Find the keys that set yourself, your family and future generations free; transform clamorous ancestors into benign allies and powerful guides." 







Fluoride is magnetically attracted to the pineal gland.  It calcifies the pineal gland and stops it functioning properly.  It can make people apathetic (gives them the feeling of not being interested in or enthusiastic about anything, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary).  It can prevent them from having spiritual experiences, also during meditation.  Fluoride keeps us in a state of lower spiritual awareness. It may be found in some water, toothpaste (there are very many toothpastes now without fluoride!) salt with fluoride added, milk for young schoolchildren in England (page 107, according to researcher and author Marion Schimmelpfennig who has written 108 pages about the danger of fluoride in her book: Giftcocktail Körperpflege). For more information about the dangers of fluoride, please see:  


For information about how to decalcify your pineal gland please see: and click on the following:

  •            How to decalcify the pineal gland
  •            How to activate the pineal gland
  •            Benefits of decalcifying / activating your pineal gland.  type in: activating your pineal gland

Look for articles on the pineal gland by Eden Shetiyah

Esther Bartkiw   Open Your Third Eye Personal Process with Esther. 

Awaken Your Third Eye by Dr. Susan Shumsky

Third Eye Open by Susan Reintjes 




If you are not grounded your “head will be in the clouds“ and you will spend a lot of time daydreaming!  You may lose your emotional balance and may then have difficulty solving any problems in your life.  It can even make you ill.  Let there be moderation in all things in your life.  Spend a certain amount of time meditating, working, resting and playing. 


Please read:  Earthing by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra and Martin Zucker.

Try and go barefoot for 15 minutes every day in your garden or in a local park.

If it is not too cold, walk barefoot at home, especially on the ground floor.


Please look up: Barefoot Walking and Barefoot Paths on your internet search machine.  These are very popular, especially in Germany and Austria, and consist of different soil materials such as sand, pebbles, peat, heather, bark mulch, mud, etc. and include water wading.  There are more than a hundred of these in Europe.


Please look up Barefoot Shoes on your internet search machine, for example: Vibram Five Finger Shoes.  Wearing these is like going barefoot!  They also have barefoot shoes without the five fingers.


Dr. Mercola has many interesting articles about Grounding / Earthing.


The Society for Barefoot Living  "Bare feet are happy feet!"

There are many books about walking barefoot on this website.






     It is a wonderful experience to walk the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France near Paris. The energy is very special here as it is on a power spot . Walking it can do good things to your aura and clear blockages.  It is still a good idea to clean your chakras before entering the labyrinth. The centre of the labyrinth is a very sacred place so make sure there is no plant there. It is important to move it well away from the labyrinth before you start your meditative walk. It is best to take off your shoes. It is helpful to read books about walking a labyrinth before you go to one. Please see the list of books below.  Carolyn Mathews tells us that "walking the labyrinth symbolises finding your soul and returning with a deeper understanding of who you are."  Pan’s Labyrinth, In chapter 11 you can follow Theo’s journey through a labyrinth and this will help you to understand the significance of the journey.


     Say a prayer before entering the labyrinth, walk slowly and concentrate on staying on your path. Be in the Now. When you reach the petals, stay a little while on each one. When you stand in the centre of the labyrinth be fully aware of the sacredness of this place. When you are ready, slowly retrace your steps back to the beginning and say a thank you prayer at the end of your journey. Sit a while on a nearby bench and contemplate what you have experienced.


     It is very important to check the opening times of the labyrinth as it is only open on Fridays, March until the last Friday in October. Please check the exact times before you go there as they sometimes change. At all other times the labyrinth is hidden by chairs which are damaging it. All the other ancient labyrinths in the surrounding churches have already been destroyed.


     You can buy a large or small finger labyrinth card at the Souvenir and Book Store in the cathedral or on the internet. If you would like to buy a transportable labyrinth please see  They also make them in the exact size you require. You may have to pay customs tax and tax on the postage if you do not live in America. They have interesting information about labyrinths and the benefits of walking labyrinths.




FOR CHILDREN: my book - Amazing Labyrinth by Daphne Gulland. 

I wrote this book shortly after going to the labyrinth in Chartres.


The Expected One; The Book of Love; Our Father by Kathleen McGowan – all about Chartres Cathedral and Mary Magdalene and Jesus, Mathilda and Gregory.

Way of the Winding Path, A Map for the Labyrinth of Life by Eve Eschner Hogan

Walking a Sacred Path by Lauren Artress 2nd Edition

Squaring Circles by Carolyn Mathews, Chapter 11.

There are many books about labyrinths on 







The Five Tibetans by Christoper S. Kilham – please see the last chapter.

The Spirit, Joseph, teaches you how to meditate in his books: Revelation and Illumination  through the mediumship of Michael G. Reccia  


Meditation within Eternity: The Modern Mystics Guide to Gaining Unlimited Spiritual Energy, Accessing Higher Consciousness and Meditation Techniques for Spiritual   Growth; The Handbook of the Navigator;  Igniting the Sixth Sense by Eric Pepin 

  • Hurry Up and Meditate by David Michie
  • Secrets of Meditation by Davidji and others
  • Meditations by Sylvia Browne 
  • Meditations to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay 
  • Exploring Meditation by Dr. Susan Shumsky
  • Getting in the Gap by Dr. Wayne Dyer 
  • In the Light of Meditation by Mike George and CD 
  • The Findhorn Book of Meditation by Darren John Main
  • There are many books about meditation on


  • and 
  • and and amazon worldwide 




  • Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner
  • Lucid Dreaming, Use your psychic powers to explore the world of your dreams By Tony Crisp
  • Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming and Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and In Your Life  by Stephen LaBerge
  • Lucid Dreaming, A Beginner's Guide to Becoming Conscious in Your Dreams by Charlie Morley and the Hay House Lucid Dreaming Online Course by Charlie Morley.




  • Journeys Out of the Body by Robert A.Monroe
  • Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul by Skip Atwater  (Kindle Edition from Amazon)
  • Projection of the Astral Body by Muldoon & Carrington
  • Astral Projection Plain & Simple by Osborne Phillips




  • Travelling to Parallel Universes by Trish Le Sage (Kindle edition from Amazon)
  • Reality Shifts: When Consciousness Changes the Physical World by Cynthia Sue Larson,
  • Quantum Jumps  by Cynthia Sue Larson  
  • The Convoluted Universe Book One, Chapter Eleven, Parallel Universes, and all books by Dolores Cannon.


Please note that you might also experience reality shifts whilst you are reading these books!


Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman

The free introductory course programme has been downloaded over 8000,000 times!





From Elsewhere

Universal Vision, Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan



 Omnec Onec is a very famous walk-in from Venus. You can see her on YouTube, for example:

Omnec Onec on International Book Fair Frankfurt 2011, English version.

Her well-known books have all been published again in English by the German publisher, at a reasonable price. Also available on Kindle.

From Venus I came

Angels Don't Cry

My Mission

Soul Journey CD


Omen Onec has an online programme at Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey,



Are You A Walk-In? A New Form of Benevolent Birth Is Now Available on Earth



Threshold to Tomorrow

Strangers Among Us

Aliens Among Us



The Star People

In My Soul I Am Free



Lynn explains what Walk-Ins are in her Entity Series at




  • BBC Natural World - Earth Pilgrim - A spiritual journey into the landscape of Dartmoor                                                                           with Satis Kumar
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull
  • The Shift starring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
  • You Can Heal Your Life with Louise L. Hay
  • Peaceful Warrior
  • Conversations with God with Neale Donald Walsch
  • Indigo with Neale Donald Walsch
  • The Celestine Prophecy
  • Discover the Gift
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success with Deepak Chopra
  • The Ultimate Gift - by Jim Stovall
  • The Living Matrix
  • The Science of Miracles with Gregg Braden
  • The Divine Matrix with Gregg Braden
  • God Doesn’t Throw Dice
  • Thrive - What On Earth Will It Take?
  • Awake
  • Crop Circles - please see
  • Spiritism - From Kardec through today
  • Shamanic Healing with Clemens Kuby
  • Finding Joe
  • The Compass
  • Spirit Movies
  • Hay House Movies, many are free!


RELIGION   by Vivienne Romilly-Weightman


Religions often do impede

With their rituals and their creeds,


The free expression of the mind

And restrain the soul divine,


The consciousness should be free

Unfettered by authority,


For man’s faith to progress,

Seek not, for what we do possess.


Give praise for the inspired hymns,

Arouse one self for higher things.


Truth, a silent voice does speak,

It has no guile – has no deceit.


On our miles of pilgrimage,

The way to ‘God’ we will be led.