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ERAM SAEED From Heartache to Joy       fromheartachetojoy.com 

Very reasonable prices! Thousands of people in over 110 countries have used these teachings to move past their blocks. Join Eram Saeed and 50 of the World’s Top Masters and Healers here.

Listening to the daily calls is free. (I am quoting from Eram Saeed's website).


DARIUS BARAZANDEH  youwealthrevolution.com 

"A tele summit with 50+ live heart transforming sessions (with the most cutting edge energy masters and practices across the globe) and a 10 minute daily Intention Energy Circle ceremony to clear your energy and balance your mind, body and soul."

Listening to the daily calls and intention sessions is free. (I am quoting from Darius' website)


JOHN BURGOS  beyondtheordinaryshow.com 

Featuring some of the most interesting discussions about human connection, love, transformation, and metaphysics and experts on these illuminating topics.


CARI MURPHY  StraightTalkForThe Soul.com

The Global Gathering Hot Spot for SoulFULL Game Changers. 

Empowering Resources for an Inspired Life!


Rev. PATRICIA CAGGANELLO   sacredstoriesmedia.com

Online Learning With You In Mind

Invest in something you care deeply about at Sacred U and come away transformed.

Our hands-on, heart-opening, mind-blowing classes are like taking a personal retreat with your favourite teachers. First module of ALL Sacred U courses are free to enjoy and experience!

(I am quoting from this website).


LAUREN GALEY   Quantum Conversations   Acoustichealth.com

Quantum Conversations explore metaphysics, consciousness and spirituality in daily shows which guide you on expanding consciousness and shifting into New Earth Vibrations.

Each conversation is an activation of New Earth! 

(I am quoting from this website).


PATTY MALEK  Soul Talk    soullifetimes.com  see More...Store for Soul Talk Interviews.


HEALING WITH THE MASTERS with Jennifer McLean  healingwiththemasters.com 

"Join the planet's most powerful healers, teachers, coaches and thought leaders to: Transform chronic pain and scary diagnoses, shed past hurts, traumas and frustrating patterns through profound personal healing, and much more. Listening to the daily calls is free." (I am quoting from this website).


THE SHIFT NETWORK        theshiftnetwork.com 


"The Shift Network is an organisation with a big mission: to help humanity evolve and create a sustainable, healthy, peaceful and prosperous world. More than 800,000 people from 159 countries have taken part in their online classes and conferences in Spirituality, Personal Growth, Holistic Health and Wellness, Psychology and much, much more." (I am quoting from this website).


THE SACRED SCIENCE        thesacredscience.com  with Nick Polizzi


You can read about the following here: Shamanism, Herbalism; Energy Medicine; Wise Woman; Prayers and Blessings, The Sacred Blog - many interesting articles by Nick Polizei, and more.

The Film: Sacred Science: Discover the healing secrets of the Amazon Rainforest. You can watch 

     the trailer on this website.

Secrets of the Ancient Healers: "We've crafted a beautiful healing course that includes 6 hours of video lessons and a 210 herb guide that gives you access to some of the most ancient and effective healing remedies ever discovered"

The Sacred Cookbook: "The Sacred Cookbook is a collection of ancient healing recipes that have powerful medicinal value. Within its pages you will discover the rich mythology and ritual that surround these forgotten foods!" 

Energy Healing Program, a Digital Only Program, and free Bonuses.

You can buy these from their website store. (I am quoting from this website).




This is a very easy healing method and doesn't cost anything. All you have to do is concentrate on who or what needs healing and say the following words for about 10 minutes: "I'm sorry, Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." If it is a serious matter, it is best to sit down, close your eyes, go into a meditative state, state your intention and say these four phrases. If you can feel energy, it is very nice to hold your hands in front of you and send this energy from your hands. The energy can get very strong. One can also do it only in the mind. It is very helpful to read the following books about Ho'oponopono: 


Zero Limits, The Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace and More by Joe Vitale

At Zero, The Quest for Miracles through Ho'oponopono by Joe Vitale

There are also videos on YouTube about Ho'oponopono with Joe Vitale


Ho'oponopono, The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual as the key to your life's fulfillment by 

     Ulrich E. Dupree



ERIC PEARL AND RECONNECTIVE  HEALING      thereconnection.com 


"DR. Eric Pearl, a chiropractor, has found the ability to connect with energy and work with it to heal people. Today this is known worldwide as Recollective Healing. His bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, is now in over 39 languages. Feeling compelled to teach others, Eric's work has taken him to over 100 countries and has affected millions of people. Eric's hope is that one day everyone will learn to access this natural ability and will use it to heal themselves and others." There are also DVDs, training programs, events and testimonials.


QUANTUM-TOUCH with RICHARD GORDON   quantum-touch.com


"Quantum-Touch is an energy healing modality that uses life force energy, Chi or Prana to facilitate the healing process. Richard Gordon was inspired with this healing method and wrote a book about it: Quantum-Touch, The Power to Heal. This book teaches the reader how to use special breathing and body focusing techniques to raise energy levels to facilitate healing."

For information about workshops, instruction, techniques and more, please see quantum-touch.com




"The Kinslow System is a completely natural technique that produces immediate healing and harmony in body, mind and spirit. Quantum Entrainment beats within the heart of the Kinslow System. It is a complete system with proven results that you can use to increase confidence, creativity, abundance and happiness." (I am quoting from Dr. Frank Kinslow)


Books and CDs, Audio Books and DVDs by Dr. Frank Kinslow

Quantum Entrainment Audio CD

The Secret of Instant Healing - paperback, Kindle, audio

The Secret of Quantum Living - paperback, Kindle, audio

The Kinslow System  - paperback

Beyond Happiness: How You Can Fulfill Your Deepest Desire - paperback and Kindle

Eufeeling! The Art of Creating Inner Peace and Outer Prosperity - paperback, Kindle, audio

Heal Your World, Heal Our World - hardcover

The QE Essential Healing Audio Series 

When Nothing Works Try Doing Nothing - Kindle

How to be Happy Without Even Trying - Kindle





Reiki       Please see:  reiki.org   The International Centre for Reiki Training

Therapeutic Touch    Please see: therapeutic-touch.org for the International Association



NESHealth   Please see neshealth.com

Time Waver  Please see: yourtimewaver.com and healingtheeye.com

Bioresonance Therapy     Please see: bioresoanance.com

The SCIO biofeedback / Bioresonance device      wellness-trust.com (in many languages)

A good book about the Field is: The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe by Lynne McTaggart


 DISCLAIMER: Science and conventional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields nor any systems or applications connected with them due to lack of scientific evidence.



MEDICAL MEDIUM Anthony William        



"For over 25 years, Anthony has devoted his life to helping people overcome and prevent illness - and discover the lives they were meant to live. Anthony's unprecedented accuracy and success rate as the Medical Medium have earned him the trust and love of thousands worldwide who couldn't find a way to heal until he provided them with insights from Spirit."




Medical Medium - Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal

Medical Medium - Life-Changing Foods, Save yourself and the ones you love with the hidden healing powers of fruits and vegetables.

Medical Medium - Thyroid Healing (November 2017) The Truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr

Medical Medium - Liver Rescue (November 2018) Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO and Autoimmune Disease

Medical Medium - Celery Juice: The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide

Medical Medium - Cleanse to Heal


The Healing Path Free Course - "The Healing Path is a Free Online Resource Medical Medium Anthony William has created to give you a complete picture of how to heal. Anthony and his team devoted hundreds of hours to creating this course and are offering it completely free so that everyone can have the foundational tools in their hands to start reclaiming their health and vitality."


Medical Medium Radio Show, every Monday and free. "Learn new healing information on illnesses, trends, emotional and spiritual healing practices, foods, and much more."


Medical Medium Live Events

"Join Anthony William at a Medical Medium Live Event for a full day immersion in learning about mystery illness and how to finally heal. You'll also receive a powerful Blast of Light from Spirit that instantaneously unblocks negative energy and old wounds so that your healing process immediately re-ignites.  These events sell out months in advance."


Medical Medium Weekly Emails. Subscribe to receive free Healing Secrets emails each week.

You may also watch Anthony William on YouTube.


Dr. ADAM McLEOD           dreamhealer.com


"Dr. Adam McLeod, ND is a Naturopathic doctor, molecular biologist, internationally renowned energy healer and best selling author. He holds one-day events where he speaks about the power of focused intention and performs two group-healings." All upcoming events are posted on the Workshop Page of his website. Videos of Adam are on YouTube and on his website.

     Please see: Adam the Dreamhealer; Adam Dreamhealer Eye Visualization; Adam Distant Energy

     Healer on YouTube.com



A True Story of Miracle Healing

A Guide to Healing and Self-Empowerment

The Path of the Dreamhealer

Intention Heals

Integrative Cancer Care: The Power of Being Informed



Visualisations for Self-Empowerment

Heal Yourself



LYNN WALDROP    TheBodyChannel.com  and   soundcolorandlightforlife.com


     "As a Medical Intuitive, Lynn Waldrop is known as "The Body Channel" and Lynn has worked with hundreds of thousands of clients in over 171 countries and has 30 years of energy work experience. She energetically dives into the body of her client anywhere in the world and the body shows her the dis-ease and dis-harmony and how to change it! Her work includes not just the physical issues but the thoughts, feelings and emotions, and even entity work!

     Lynn empowers her clients to be best friends with their body and create a more magnificent life."

  •  Heart Series; Brain Series; Autoimmune Series; The Fountain of Youth Series; Eye Series; Teeth and Mouth Series, Stress Free; Total Body Cleanse; Toxin Detox; Chakra Series; Immune Boost; Vaccine Clean-Out, Happy Hormones; Mind Detox; Ear, Nose and Throat; Thyroid; Hair; Pets; Creating Success, and many others.
  • Entity Series: Entities, Walk-Ins, Implants and Devices; and many others. 
  • The Invisible World Series

    *  DIPAL SHAH    QUANTUM BODY AWAKENING    ananda4life.com

       Dipal Shah is an International Speaker, Medical Intuit, Transformational Teacher and Master Healer. She has brought awakening and healing energies to thousands of clients throughout the world.

You will find her Energy Healing MP3s, Health Clinic Replays and Packages if you click on MP3 Store.

Some of her MP3s are (click twice on MP3): Clearing side effects of prescription drugs; Strengthen Adrenal Glands; Cardiovascular System; Blood Cleanse Detox; Tinnitus; Improve Memory; Fatty Liver; Mold be gone; Thyroid Rescue; Depression; Deep Sleep; Abundance; Heal Inner Wounds; Clear Toxic Relationships; Repair Energetic Holes and Tears; Cord Cutting; Purification of Ego; Enlightenment to Self-love; Clearing Entities; Attract Twin Flame / Soul Mate; Goodbye Grey Hair and many more.

 Her latest series: Karma Healing.


     EDWIN HARKNESS SPINA   mysticwarrior.us


     'Edwin Harkness Spina is an award-winning author, speaker and mystic. He is the author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed, other books, audios, CDs, videos and is the developer of Energy Centre Clearing, a methodology created to align, balance and centre individuals moving through these tumultuous times. He specialises in connecting people to their highest SELF, leading to greater intuition, clarity and joy.'

He has been interviewed on many shows, including YouWealthRevolution.com by Darius Barazandeh, From Heartache to Joy by Eram Saeed, and Straight Talk for the Soul by Cari Murphy, and many others. His programs include:

Full Spectrum Transformation

Ascension Initiation

Energy Center Clearing

Merging with your Higher Self

Exercise to Release Limiting Beliefs

Escaping the Matrix

The Nature of Reality, Oneness and Awakening

The Future is Now!

Please also see his website: mystic warrior.us for much more information, including how to book a session with him. 




SOPHIA ZOE              sophiazoe.com


Sophia Zoe is an Energy Healer and has learnt many therapies. "She works with people who have the desire to improve their physical health by clearing the related emotions, to get over trauma, to stop self-sabotage and negativity, and much more."


Sophia Zoe's Pure Energy Program helps to clear trauma. You can read more about it and her other programs on her website. She is also a guest at fromheartachetojoy.com and many other online shows.


JENNY NGO                 globalquantumhealing.com


"Jenny Ngo is a transformational energy healer, energy intuitive, and an expert on entity clearing and healing.  She has the following healing MP3s:

First Steps to your Healing Journey

Dimensional Healing Energy Session

5D Children Dimensional Healing

Chakra Balancing

Stress Relief

Have More Energy

Great Night's Sleep

Embodying Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Happiness

Removing Heart Walls and Addictive Heart Energies

Removing Toxins, Contaminants, Impurities from food, water, medications, etc.

Focus-Performance, and more MP3s are on her website. She is also on fromheartachetojoy.com


LANNA SPENCER         dream5dnow.com


"Lana is a phenomenal multidimensional Psychic, quantum dreamer and medical intuitive."


"The New Wave of Human Being: Be Well Body En-Lightenment Series contains 13 downloadable mp3 Holographic Energy Healings and Upgrades for all of the body systems, chakras and meridians to take you from 3D to 5D with Grace and Ease." Featured at Fromheartachetojoy.com 


Living a 5D Soul-Driven Life, featured at YouWealthRevolution.com




Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong, an 8-DVD Qigong life-changing program. "We show you how to tap into the awesome force of magical energy and focus it for a purpose - attracting whatever you desire into your life - such as more health, strength, greater prosperity and spiritual wisdom - in only ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening!"

  • The Art of Mushin Meditation, Qigong Flow Form and many other programs.    satorimethodacademy.com  

SHERRY PHILLIPS SWATEK            Sherryphillipsswatek.com

  • Repair the Physical Grid (Body Health) Healing Energy of the Dolphin Spirits Upgrade Your Life, Pure Energy Downloads, and many others.   





Forgiving those who have wronged you is important or you will be carrying this heavy burden of resentment around with you. This can make you ill. The following spiritual teachers can help you:


PEG ROSE             pegrose.net

Peg Rose can help you, in a private session, to forgive those who have wronged you. Peg Rose's journey to heal herself and others led her to learn various techniques including Akashic Records, Inter-Dimensional Work and PAX's Noble Healing and Noble Forgiveness. 

     Peg Rose is a licensed Human Design Facilitator and she has contributed to the book: Abundance by Design by Karen Curry Parker.


JENNY NGO                      globalquantumhealing.com

Embodying Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, and Happiness MP3

     "This MP3 will help you to transmute deep-rooted negative energy that is holding you back and preventing you from healing completely and from experiencing your True Essence of unconditional love, forgiveness and happiness."


COLIN TIPPING             radicalforgiveness.com     

Please click on "Radical Forgiveness" on his website and you will find information about his workshops, programs, CDs and books, etc.


BOOKS by Colin Tipping

Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five Stage Process

Radical Forgiveness Audio Book

Radical Self-Forgiveness: The Direct Path to True Self-Acceptance

Expanding Into Love with Radical Forgiveness

The Power of Radical Forgiveness Audio Book

A Radical Incarnation: (Yours)

Spiritual Intelligence at Work

Getting to Heaven on a Harley

Why You Still Need to Forgive Your Parents, and many more books.


LOUISE HAY           Hayhouse.com  and louisehay.com    

Forgiveness / Loving the Inner Child CD

You Can Heal Your Life, please read: Chapter One, "To Release the Past, We Must Be Willing to Forgive" and  "All Dis-ease comes from a State of Unforgiveness" This book has sold over 39 million copies! For more books by Louise Hay, please see Amazon.com

One of her most famous books is: Heal Your Body


DR. WAYNE DYER  (1940 - 2015)     drwaynedyer.com 

Wayne Dyer tells us in his book: "I Can See Clearly Now" how he forgave his father.

For more books and products by Wayne Dyer, please see his website and Amazon.com

His book: Your Erroneous Zones has sold about 35 million copies!


COMMUNICATION CARDS Messages from Heaven by Jacky Newcomb www.findhornpress.com  Hope and Guidance from Your Loved-Ones. Imagine you can connect to your loved-ones on the other side of life; that you can reach through the tunnel of light and unite with that support and love available to you. This beautiful and magical card deck bridges the gap for you. 


SO YOU WANT TO BE A HEALER? by Billy Roberts

"This is the perfect handbook for all aspiring healers, containing easy to follow exercises and meditations to help cultivate healing skills. This book explores the different types of healing methods. You can learn how this energy may be harnessed to be used for the healing of others at a great distance." AYNI Books, o-books.ne




We live on a planet where we have free will. It says in the Law of One books (please see section on Channelling) that if we have free will, we must also put up with negative entities and their negative greetings. We have to be able to choose between light and dark and learn to discern between the two. 


Here are some notes about them and what to do if you come across them. Some negative entities are in one's home and cause quarrels, bad luck and accidents. There are also Earthbound Spirits who stay on the Earth Plane when they die and choose not to go to the Light. We can help them.

Not everyone believes in Earthbound Spirits or negative entities. We are free to believe whatever we want. If you are interested in this subject, please continue reading.




     Please watch your language. Do you say things like: I must have been out of my mind! I must have taken leave of my senses! He is not in his right mind! My mind went blank! He doesn't know his own mind. It slipped my mind. Your mind is like a sewer! She is out of her wits! It was completely out of character for him to behave like that! Road rage / air rage. He really gives me the creeps! His life fell to pieces and he started drinking. He felt ill at ease with her. She has been down in the dumps for a few weeks now. Don't vent your feelings on me! I don't feel myself today. You must be off your nut! You must be stark raving mad!

Someone unexpectedly uses a whole lot of swear words in your presence or in front of guests.


The important thing is to know yourself and the way you usually behave.


Other signs are: sudden, unexpected feelings of hatred, jealousy, envy, anger and rage. You quarrel with a loved one; favourite possessions disappear; you get pushed; there is a horrible smell in a clean place; electronics fail, especially mobile phones and computers; trees and bushes in your garden die; your favourite cups or plates break (this can, of course, also be karma); you get lost; you have lots of bad luck; you have aches and pains (see a doctor before considering entity attachments); you have panic attacks; children have tantrums and nightmares; when a person exhibits multiple personalities; when someone feels their arm or leg does not belong to them - in this case please write to Lynn Waldrop, lynnwaldrop.com 


Spiritual people who are channelling must be extremely careful of entities giving them false messages. It is one of their favourite pastimes. Many entities pretend to be God or Archangel Michael and so on, and channellers believe them. Please read the book: Divine Revelation by Dr. Susan Shumsky and learn how to discern positive entities from negative ones.




Many of the following healers may be found at From Heartache to Joy, fromheartachetojoy.com (ask to go onto their email list and look out for special offers) or on their websites. They also all give private sessions. They can offer assistance if your home or office needs clearing of entities or if you have an attachment, or if your child has tantrums and nightmares, etc.


DIPAL SHAH  ananda4life.com

Psychic Attack Package: Closing all Portals of Psychic Attacks, Clearing Ancestral Wounds, Clearing Black Magic Curses, Entity Clearing, Repairing Energetic Holes, Protection, and others.


PEG ROSE      HOME CLEARING    pegrose.net

"Fill Your Home with Joy. A comprehensive healing for every room!"

fromheartachetojoy.com has a special offer for a limited time: A package with MP3s for:

Creating a Sacred Space

Clearing Your Beautiful Home and Magnificent Property

Foundations, Windows and Doors

Storage and Bathrooms - Hoarding and Releasing

Living Room / Family Rooms - Joy and Play

Kitchen and Dining Room - The Heart of the Home

Office and Technology - Infinite Abundance

Altars and Meditation Rooms - Connecting to the Divine

Bedrooms - Connecting to the Divine during Sleep

Work in Divine Partnership with The Guardian of Your Beautiful Home and Property

Nasty Neighbours and Funky Family Energy

Clearing Parties and Large Group Energy

Group Calls for Clearing Portals, Spells and Curses and much more.



JENNY NGO         globalquantumhealing.com     


MP3s: Dimensional Healing Energy Session; Removing & Shielding from Negative Energies, Attachments, etc; Psychic Attack - Emergency; Assisting Loved Ones' Souls or Spirits to the Light; 5D Children Dimensional Healing Session; Have More Energy; Great Night's Sleep; Chakra Balancing & Healing; Embodying Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Happiness; Stress Relief, and much more.


EDWIN SPINA     MYSTIC WARRIOR      mysticwarrior.us

Energy Center Clearing

Private Sessions for Personal Clearings

MP3 Entity and Curse Cure as part of a package. You can type in Edwin's name and Special Offers and see where you can buy his packages, for example on YouWealthRevolution.com with Darius, Straight Talk for the Soul or Soul Lifetimes, From Heartache to Joy.


JAN DUNN    elements-of-nature.net

MP3s: Auric Field Energy Clearing Meditation

Soul Song Mantras to assist in raising your vibration

Home Energy Clearing Meditation

Land Energy Clearing Meditation

Electronics Energy Clearing Meditation

Animal Energy Clearing Meditation

And also personal sessions; Questions answered on monthly calls, and more.


LYNN WALDROP         TheBodyChannel.com


Entity Series: This series will give you more clarity on types of Entities on the planet; MP3s to assist in clearing Curses & Entities interfering in your life; and remove any implants or residue left in the body. Modules on Entities; Walk-Ins; Implants, Devices & Portals; Curses, Hexes, Spells, etc., and Live Calls.


SOPHIA ZOE              sophiazoe.com

Sophia Zoe has an Entity Clearing Package at fromheartachetojoy.com for a limited time for removing entities, ancestral karma, vows and curses, and much more, using MP3s and EFT Tapping scripts.

Her MP3s offer: Prayers for Protection; Body and Aura Cleanse; House Clearing; Clearing of Entities and Electronics; DNA and RNA; Clearing Psychic Attack; Fear and Freak-Out script; Foggy Brain EFT script. Fab Form EFT script; Financial Flow script; Feeling Fantastic EFT script, and much more.



Know that you are a very powerful spiritual being. Tell the entity very firmly to leave you. If it is an Earthbound Spirit, ask it politely to leave you and say a prayer to help it go to the Divine Light. There is a good prayer on page 142 of Divine Revelation by Susan Shumsky.

Some entities go, others stay.

If you are having trouble with entities you can pray to God and the angels for help.

You can ask God to fill you with Divine Light. Let it fill your whole body, your chakras and your aura. Repeat this once every hour throughout the day.

You can do Ho'oponopono, pray to God for entity release and repeat these four phrases throughout the day: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you." (cf. Zero Limits by Joe Vitale).

You can say a prayer to Archangel Michael. Please see the Prayer section on this website.


If you are still being troubled by them, even after listening to the MP3s mentioned above, it is best to go to one of the healers above for assistance, or to a specialist healer of your choice. Eram Saeed of fromheartachetojoy.com can recommend many more healers to you. 

There is often a reason for this, and solving this problem can lead to healing and being free of entities. For example, you might have aura damage, or you might have cords attaching you to someone you don't like, or you are grieving for a loved one so much that he / she cannot go to the Divine Light.



These are: you cannot give up smoking although you really want to; you have become an alcoholic; you have addictive behaviour, such as eating large amounts of chocolate, buying lots of shoes, or things you don't want, etc.; you are very fat even though you are taking enough iodine, have no problems with your thyroid gland, and are not building a protective wall of fat around you, and you are very careful with your diet, avoiding gluten, wheat and artificial sweeteners, etc. Once the attachment has gone, you quickly get slim again, easily give up smoking and drinking, and are no longer sad or depressed, (unless there are medical reasons for these afflictions, in which case you should ask you doctor. Please see Disclaimer).



Setting Spirits Free by Diana Palm

Spirit Release by Sue Allen

Spirit Rescue by Wilma Davidson

Books, videos and MP3s by Dr. Susan Shumsky: Divine Revelation; Becoming Spiritually Street-Smart; Healing Affirmations and Prayers, including one for Healing and Protecting Your Aura; Astral Entity Healing Affirmation, and much more      divinerevelation.org